Date Speakers and Topics Hosts

Sacred Space
May 2019 Dr Yehuda Gellman
April 2019 Sharon Rosen
March 2019 Hovnan Baghdadaryan (Fr Koryoun)
February 2019 Dr Mustafa Abu Sway
January 2019 Dr Doron Bar
December 2018 Fr David Neuhaus
November 2018 Dr Yisca Harani Pontifical Biblical Institute

May 2018 Eugene Korn – Judaism Responds to the Challenges of the Modern World Shir Hadash
April 2018 Prof Chaim Waxman – Reforms in Orthodox Judaism Ponitifical Biblical Institute
March 2018 Randall Zachman from Notre Dame University, and Cristoph Strohm, from the University of Heidelberg (respondent) – Legacies of Luther Tantur Ecumenical College
February 2018 Michael Klein-Katz – “Reforming in Judaism” Notre Dame
January 2018 Dr Barbara Meyer – “The Lutheran Doctrine of ‘Justification’ (and its ongoing significance for Christian-Jewish relations)” AJC
December 2017 Professor Aya Elyada – “Protestant Scholars and the Jewish Language in Reformation Germany” Swedish Theological Institute
November 2017 Dr. Jesper Svartvik – “The Reformation: How to Correct the Two Major Mistakes the Christian Movement Once Made”  Yedidya

Shir Hashirim – Song of Songs
May 2017 Russ McDougall, Aart Brons, Sister Carmen – Personal Reflection on Song of Songs – REPORT-RM  REPORT-CF  Pontifical Biblical Institute
April 2017 Nina Heereman – “Messianic Reverberations of the Song of Songs in the Gospel of John” Bible Lands Museum
March 2017 Yehuda Gellman – “Hasidic Internalization of the Song of Songs” – HANDOUT     BLOG Notre Dame
February 2017 Alon Goshen-Gottstein – “A Question of Polemics” American Jewish Committee
January 2017 Avigdor Shinan – “Shir HaShirim in Midrash” Swedish Theological Institute
December 2016 Rabbah Tamar Elad Appelbaum – “Rethinking Shir HaShirim” Ratisbonne
November 2016 Peter Bonneville John Dubrul – “Finding Inspiration in Shir HShirim” – REPORT Tantur Ecumenical College

50 Years of Rainbow, Since Nostra Aetate
May 2016 Dr Therese Andrevon Gottstein – “The Theological Challenges of the Catholic Church Regarding the Jews in the Post-Nostra Aetate Era” – REPORT Shir Hadash
April 2016 Fr David Neuhaus, “50 years after Nostra Aetate in Israel/Palestine: Achievements and Challenges” – REPORT Notre Dame
March 2016 Rabbi David Rosen, “The ILC (International Jewish-Catholic Liaison Committee) – the history, work, themes and crises of this only official body between the Hole See and the Jewish People” – REPORT Tantur Ecumenical College
February 2016 Dr Jesper Svartvik, “A Protestant Assessment of the Significance of Nostra Aetate” – REPORT Swedish Theological Institute
January 2016 Dr Debbie Weissman: Nostra Aetate – Has there been a Jewish response? – REPORT Swedish Theological Institute
December 2015 Sr Maureen Cusick: Nostra Aetate – A Catholic Memory – REPORT Yakar
November 2015 Prof Zeev Harvey: 50 Years of Religious Changes in Israel and the World – REPORT Pontifical Biblical Institute

The Parting of the Ways – New Perspectives
May 2015 Professor Lutz Doering: Shabbat: The Sabbath in ancient Jewish literature and in the New Testament – REPORT Tantur Ecumenical Institute
April 2015 Prof Yehuda Gellman: Jesus – a (Personal) Jewish Approach – REPORT Yakar
March 2015 Speaker: Dr Shani Berrin (Tsoref): The Parting of the Ways – What we learn from Dead Sea literature – REPORT Notre Dame
February 2015 Dr Carna Warman:The Parting of the Ways in Light of (late) Second Temple Period Messianic Hopes – REPORT St Andrew’s Church of Scotland
January 2015 Dr Yoni Moss:Last Supper or First Seder? Passover as a Site of Jewish-Christian Differentiation- REPORT Swedish Theological Institute
December 2014 Rev Dr Petra Heldt:Jews and Christians: Constructing Social Order at the Formative Age in Late Antiquity- REPORT American Jewish Committee
November 2014 Dr Marcie Lenk:The Parting of the Ways: Status Quaestionis, and What Might Come Next – REPORT Pontifical Biblical Institute

Religion and Secularism – Challenges and Opportunities
May 2014 Dr Deborah Weissman and Dr Mary Reaburn: “Religion and Secularism in Jewish-Christian Dialogue” ICCI
April 2014 Dr Murray Watson: “North American Secularity and the ‘War on Christmas’” Notre Dame
March 2014 Rabbi Yuval Cherlow: “Ethics, Religion and Secularism: Does Religion Do More to Promote Ethical Behaviour or to Undermine It?” Tantur
February 2014 Ophir Yarden: “The Civil Religion of Israel” AJC
January 8 2014 Einat Ramon: ‘Abraham Joshua Heschel, Religion and Secularism’ – REPORT Swedish Theological Institute
December 11 2013 Dr Michael Krupp: ‘Bonhoffer and Secularity’ Yedidyah
November 6 2013 Dr. Shlomo Fischer: ‘Secularization: The Decline of Religion or its Opposite?’ Ratisbonne

Jesus the Jew: Contemporary Perspectives and Historical Retrospectives
2012 November 7th Dr Jesper Svartvik: ‘Rendering the Rending of the Veil’ Shira Hadasha
2012 December 5th Dr Michael Krupp: “The Anti-Gospel: The Jesus of the post-Talmudic Toldot Yeshu”. PONTIFICAL BIBLICAL INSTITUTE
2013 January 16th Professor Neta Stahl “Other and Brother: Jesus in the 20th Century Jewish Literary Landscape” American Jewish Committee
2013 February 6th Prof. Paula Fredriksen:  “From Christ Back to Jesus” Tantur
2013 March 6th Dr Malcolm Lowe: “Annals of the Study of the Gospels in Twentieth Century Jerusalem” Kol HaNeshama Synagogue
April 3rd, 2013 Dr Barbara Meyer: “The Theological Significance of Jesus’ Jewishness”. Notre Dame
May 1st, 2013 Rabbi Benjie Gruber: Tribute to Jack Cohen: How do you say ‘Tikkun Olam’ in Hebrew? Swedish Theological Institute

Jewish and Christian Reflections on the Psalms
2011 November 2nd  Dahlia Marx and (respondent) Venard Olivier Thomas “Exile and Redemption on my Dining Table? Psalm 137 and 126 as incorporated in Jewish Liturgy”.  Click for report. Ratisbonne
2011 December 7th Fr Jamal Khader and (respondent) Dr Debbie Weissman: “Have they forsaken me” A Palestinian Hermeneutics of Psalm 22 American Jewish Committee
2012 January 4th Professor Uriel Simon and(respondent)  Fr Bill Russell: “Psalm 122 – I rejoiced in those who said to me ‘Let Us Go to the House of the Lord'” St. Andrew’s Scottish Guesthouse
2012February 1st David Neuhaus and Marc Brettler: Psalm 1 The Hartman Institute
2012February 29th Marcie Lenk and (respondent) Jesper Svartvik: An exploration of various readings and references to Psalm 110 PONTIFICAL BIBLICAL INSTITUTE
2012March 28th Dr. Martin Vahrenhorst and (respondent) Prof Yehuda Gellman:”Psalm 118 – A Protestant dialogue with tradition” Yedidya.
2012May 2nd Professor Isaac Gottlieb: Rashi on the Psalms. Notre Dame